What we do

"Under-Promise and Over-Deliver"

Custom Website & Application Development

From simple websites to complex, enterprise class web applications, Nexcetera can make it happen. Hundreds of customer success stories do not come from trial and error.

Managed Infrastructure, Monitoring & Hosting

From the architecture, to the build, the applications and all the way through a successful maintenance lifecycle. Nexcetera has the talent to deliver.

Process Improvement & Audit Preparation

You have a business process or you wouldn't have a business. Let's take a look under the hood and fine tune the maximum efficiency from it.

Management Consulting & Project Management

Nothing impacts a project (good or bad) like a Project Manager. Don't fall for the "bait and switch" tactic of the large consulting firms. Start to finish, we give you "one throat to choke".

What people think of Nexcetera

David is absolutely dedicated to his work. He shows a passion for the work itself, but it goes far beyond that. He is really motivated and dedicated to give the best possible support to his customers and colleagues.

When I think of David, an image pops into my mind of an armored tank speeding along at 60mph towards The Objective, slowed by nothing and accepting nothing but success. David’s will tackle any problem with zeal and determination, while simultaneously entertaining anyone who happens to cross his path in the process. The energy David brings to the table is truly refreshing. It’s often a challenge just to keep up with him. He is an asset to any organization, and we were lucky to have him with us.

I had the opportunity to meet David when I owned Data393 and we were courting them to be a customer. Through that process, the move in process and as a customer over a 3 year period as a customer, I got to know him. It is my true pleasure to write this recommendation and call him a friend. You want to talk about character, you want to talk about product knowledge, you want to talk about delivering on promises….he is your guy. I am sure that he had these characteristics before he went into the military, but they sure are refined now. David is the real deal in business and in life with his family as well…anyone that knows him knows that. He also has a odd sporting attractions to riding bulls…shows you how tough he is. On a scale from one to ten…this guy is a ten in all the things that matter in life..if you are his customer you simply can’t be in better hands.

David is a leader, pure and simple. He leads his teams, leads the discussion, and leads you through the project battles in the toughest of times. You can lean on David to take the reigns when you need an extra hand or to pull back, listen, disseminate, and be ready for the next challenge. On top of that, he is knowledgeable in many aspects of IT and business. David is one of those guys you want when you need creativity, strength, leadership, and execution. Hire David if you want to get the job done! This may sound like an over-the-top recommendation but this is who David is.